Red Riding Hood Lite - Interactive Fairy Tale




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    My grandson loved it, he played with each scene for several minutes!

    Join Little Red Riding Hood in her wonderful world. Be a part of her charming life as she plays in the forest with the birds, the butterflies and the frog!

    Touch Little Red Riding Hood and her friends in the forest and watch them in action.

    And if you want a change of scene, just touch the cloud and see what happens!

    Loaded with imaginative touches that will let you enjoy this popular story even more, it is a treat of storytelling.

    As you go through each scene, touch the screen to discover the animations that are there to delight you.

    Wonder what surprises are lying in wait for your fingers to nudge them out of their motionless state.

    Swipe at the beautiful blue flowers and see them bloom. Experience the thunder and lightning and the rain.

    This interactive story is assured to amuse you.

    And join in the action as you save Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma from the big, bad wolf! To rescue Little Red Riding Hood, take the axe from the wall and kill the wolf.

    This classic children’s tale will amuse you and will make you come back to it again and again.

    It is a simply told tale with lots of imaginative touches that will be fun and amusing to read and watch.

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