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    The first doctor-proof app !! It's a reading revolution.
    JoyTales presents the first stories for bedtime and any other time of the day!

    Tab, the White Bat: the first story thought up to help children discover and appreciate diversity, turning it into a driving force.

    * Original interface graphics and illustrations
    * Doctor's file about the aim of the story
    * Interactive animation: you choose how to shape the story with the animated panels
    * Reading panels for those who want to read alone (or with someone!)
    * Record and listen to the voice you prefer (it will make no difference anymore if mum or dad are not around!)
    * Choose the narrator voice (only English and Italian available now)
    * Ad hoc sound design for each panel
    * Bookmark option so you never lose the page
    * 3 games available in many different versions (color, memory, join the dots!)
    * Lots of information and interesting facts about the animal characters
    * Available in English and Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, Russian and Japanese
    * Help manual for beginners

    In addition to Tab, there are another 11 tales to be collected!

    "Tab, the White Bat" is one of the JoyTales, a collection of 12 original stories, thought up by a team of experts - most importantly a pediatrician and a child neuropsychiatric doctor - to help children as they grow up!

    Discover all the other tales in the App Store.

    Joy Tales, quite another story!

    Joy Tales is a product from Desdoo.