Meet over audio, video and web from your iPad and iPhone whenever ideas spark. Join the conversation in a space from wherever you are and with whomever you like.

    Spaces are virtual meeting rooms only radically better. Meet your project team in a space and see your notes and agenda from last time you visited. Check in anytime, the space is always available.

    Enter Your space
    If your company has Acano, access your space by downloading the client and logging in. Choose the space you want to join and simply press the green button.

    Invite Anyone
    Once you have entered a space, you can invite others with a directory search. To invite someone outside of your organization, email the weblink found at space Info. The invited can securely join a video call using their browser.


    •Use the Acano client on both the iPad and iPhone.
    •Join a call using video, audio or by sharing content over web
    •Move seamlessly between devices while on a call, or use them at the same time. For example use your phone for voice privacy and your iPad for video.
    •Send chat messages during a call, leave notes in the space
    •Calls can be ad hoc or scheduled
    •Space users can invite up to six participants into a space, space unlimited users can add any number of participants

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