Important: For this app to work, you will need to download the marker from

    Perhaps you are wondering whether a Botta-Design wristwatch would suit you? With the help of this app, you can see directly how the UNO 24 from Botta-Design would actually look on your wrist – just as if you were wearing the watch in real life.

    You can take a photo from any perspective and save it to your photos folder or send it by e-mail. Share the photo straightaway with your friends on Facebook without even exiting the app.

    What you will need to do:

    - Download the free Botta-Design app to your iOS device
    - Download the marker from
    - Print out the downloaded PDF file in full 100% size
    - Cut out the printed-out strap and place it around your wrist in such a way that you can read the Botta-Design logo
    - Open the Botta-Design app and view the marker on your wrist through the screen of your iOS device
    - The Botta-Design wristwatch appears on your arm

    Naturally, the watch will always show the correct time and date.

    Introductory offer: When making a purchase in the Botta-Design watch shop, enter the code "BottaAR" to obtain a 10% discount on your purchase.

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