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    This app is a must for anyone who needs to perform date calculation. Using it's intuitive and elegant interface, bits of paper and flicking through calendars are now a thing of the past.

    Perfect for anyone who needs to find the number of years / months and days between two dates or for anyone who needs to know time periods in the future or past.

    Need to know when bills should be paid? - Use this app and add 30/60/90 days into the future and work out when payments should be made.

    Need to know when your baby was conceived? - Simple use this app and subtract around 9 months from the birth date.

    Need to know how long before that special event? - Using the date difference functionality, the app will tell you the years / months or days left.

    Functionality contained within this app includes :

    Date Difference - calculate the years / months / days between 2 dates.
    Date Addition / Subtraction from a selected date.
    For ease of use, today's date is automatically selected.