FileDirector iClient




    FileDirector iClient is designed to work exclusively with the FileDirector Document Management solution.

    The following features are supported:
    - Search and view documents.
    - Attach documents to an existing document.
    - Process management.
    - Personal Inbox.
    - Uploading images with the camera or photo album.
    - Fast cabinet change.

    With FileDirector iClient you have always your own mobile Document management system. Watch easily your documents from overall where you are, make a picture with your camera or select a picture from your photo album and upload it as a new document.
    Furthermore FileDirector user can do process management activities.

    The following process management features are supported:
    - Overview of documents waiting for an action to be performed.
    - Categorization by document type.
    - Document viewing.
    - Dynamically select user for upcoming activities.
    - Delay documents on a process.
    - Read confirmation action.
    - Comment action.
    - Approve / Reject action.
    - Customizable task list to confirm that required actions have been taken.
    - Call back if number provided (iPhone).