Freelance Organizer

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    Finally comes a management software dedicated to all professionals (electricians, plumbers, masons, small entrepreneurs, programmers, technicians, Appliance Repair, beauticians, masseuses, Hostess, etc. ...)

    Someone finally thought of you and your work.
    Freelance Organizer is a program born from decades of experience in creating management software for professionals.

    Freelance Organizer allows you to intuitively manage and improve your business.

    Freelance Organizer allows you to:
    * Customer Management.
    * Call Manager / SMS / Email automatically.
    * Pricing Management services and products offered to the public.
    * Management Appointments.
    * Organization working day.
    * Calculation of fee for the payment of installed products or services offered.
    * Calculation of statistics collection.
    * Budget Management.
    * Periodic reports earnings.
    * Reports earnings per customer.
    * Management Accounting & Organizational.
    * Support € Euro / Dollar $.
    * Language English, Italian, French, German, Spanish.

    Ver. 1.60
    Updated and improved Application for iOS9 and optimized for Screens iPhone6Plus iPhone6, iPhone5, iPhone4.

    Ver. 1.70
    Updated and improved Application for iOS10 and optimized for Screens iPhone7Plus, iPhone7, iPhone6Plus, iPhone6, iPhone5.