Legacy Mobile 5250 Lite




    Legacy Mobile 5250 is an enterprise-level solution that enables intelligent legacy connectivity from an iPad. It is a new industrial strength application that extends the capabilities of the leading tablet for business.


Legacy Mobile 5250 provides access to any legacy IBM mainframe application that supports a 5250 user interface and is a fully featured emulation solution for the iPad. It supports access to any online applications available via TN5250.


Legacy Mobile is also intelligent. It understands 5250 data flows inherently, so there is no wasted performance through continuous checking for replies from the server. By fully understanding server communication, Legacy Mobile knows what data to expect.

    Legacy Mobile also understands the data itself. It is able to identify what makes up the contents of a 5250 screen. It can recognize start and end of fields and what type they are. This allows your iPad to query and make decisions based on the contents of an application screen in the most efficient manner possible. Legacy Mobile can also handle multiple 5250 sessions in your completed iPad application.

    Legacy Mobile Lite provides the end-user with the ability of evaluating this enterprise tool, with limited terminal access to the host . All functionality is provided except for the use of function keys. Full function key support can be found in the full version of Legacy Mobile 5250 Base and Legacy Mobile 5250 Pro.