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    What to install on iPad for my boss to review all the information and reports in one place? What kind of tool allows the team members to communicate on specific projects/documents over iPad? There’re so many docs and images to demo every day while new info keeps pouring out from the office, how can I better manage all the files?

    All the problems can be solved with one single App. Try MobileReport!
    M.Report is a Mobile Portal, allowing users to share documents, images, videos and webpages to communicate online via iPhone/iPad.

    “M.Report upgrades internal communication and external promotion to the next mobile generation and creates an effective mobile business.”

    4 key concepts about M.Report:

    1.Share - Flatten multi-dimensional information and presentation
    Images, PDFs, web pages, and streaming videos, e.g. YouTube, all can be transferred and shared to the App of M.Report.

    2.Organize - Freely restructure and adjust
    Infrastructure of the App can be reorganized accordingly based on the business need. Rename main category, subcategory and other online files at anytime, and change the order through simple drag-and-drop from the back-end panel.

    3.Communicate - Multi-way of interaction
    M.Report supports many ways of communication include text comments, hand-painted annotation, image upload, allowing users to send comments or share opinions directly on the document.

    4.Secure - Sophisticated authorization and content level control
    Single back-end platform ensures the security and authorization is well controlled and integrated. The administrator sets up accounts' identity, accessibility, and even creates a statistics function access report from the platform.

    M.Report creates a mobile business world for every industry, department, and employee to join. Here are some ways that we believe MobileReport must benefit your business:

    1. Secretary discovers an interest topic, takes screenshot directly on PC browser and sends it to the manager. (Instant Sharing)
    2. Designers share ideas & hand-painted sketch to colleagues with mobile notepad. (Mobile Notepad)
    3. Consultant draws highlights on his proposal after it uploaded; enhance the readability. (Touch-to-Draw)
    4. Seller shows different combinations of products to clients on his iPad. (Product Demo)
    5. Enterprise publishes and delivers internal newsletters to its employees right away and facilitates employees to view archived issue. (Internal Communicate)
    6. Marketer remotely searches client profile and market campaign detail while on-the-go. (Mobile CRM)
    7. Technician reports his repairing status by taking pictures in scene. (Field Reporting)
    8. Employee checks company's policy and applications. (Portable Database)
    9. Manager examines reports and commands. (Remote Report)
    10. Team member involves a document discussion by using message board communication. (Long-Distant Interact)

    If you have any other ideas to leverage M.Report, feel free to share with us. Thanks.