Office Docs - for MS Word editon

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    Office Word is where CREATIVITY meets BEAUTY. It is where PRODUCTIVITY meets POWER. We keep our goals simple:

    - To create a fine writing space that lays your words beautifully.
    - Writing must become effortless, intuitive and creative.
    - Easily create, preview, and publish professional styled documents.
    - Using the most standard (Html) and human friendly (Markdown) text formatting.

    • Write in plain or rich text formatting.
    • Write and structure your document with section, heading, paragraph, blockquote, table, etc.
    • Create multilevel lists with bullet, numbering and check mark.
    • Text style: B/I/U, big/small, color, code (verbatim).
    • Insert image from gallery, camera or external URL.
    • Easily create and work with table.
    • Create and manage links, local links and cross-reference.
    • Find & Replace.
    • View document outline and jump to any heading.
    • Live words characters count. FOCUS. WRITE! Experience the best in its class.
    • Noise free writing environment.
    • Choose from 5 typefaces and 4 themes that best suit your working condition.
    • Unlike any other word processor, your document will be displayed beautifully and great readability on any devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) with any orientation, text size and theme.
    • INTUITIVE text input system & interface to make you write effortless and comfortly.
    • Extra keyboard row & popup menu for quick access to writing feature, formatting features, extra symbols/characters, etc.
    • Navigate and select text easily with dedicated navigation keys.
    • Full external keyboard support to greatly enhance your productivity. Support common used shortcut such as cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, and more (Required iOS 6). PICK A TEMPLATE, WRITE, SHARE & PRINT.
    • With Wisdom Writer, you can focus on the writing while we take care on the layout and design.
    • Create and write professional document from predefined templates: Letter, Resume, Book and Formal Document.
    • You can write using sections, header and footer fields.
    • Render your document using predefined styles to make your document look professional and amazing.
    • Preview and print your document. DASHBOARD, GESTURE, FILES & DOCUMENTS
    • Pinch to “Dashboard” to switch easily betwen your working documents.
    • Use gesture to quickly create new document and swipe to previous document.
    • Find and search your document easily with ”Documents View”.
    • “DRAFT” folder let you start writing immediately any timer, faster, easily.
    • Local &Dropbox file manager easily let you create, edit, rename, move and delete any document.
    • Sync your files automatically. SAVED in Markdown & MultiMarkdown plain text format.
    • Documents created in Fantastic Writer saved in plain text file with markdown & markdown formatting.
    • Open your document on any device and platform using any standard text editor.
    • Email your document as inline HTML text. You can now write and email rich text document.
    • Open your document in other application.
    • Export to beautiful PDF with built-in rendering style.
    • Export to Microsoft Word compatible RTF.
    • Export to Plain text Markdown/Multimarkdown format.
    • Export to HTML file. AND MANY MORE...

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