OLYMPUS Audio Controller




    OLYMPUS Audio Controller
    Experience new recording style for the era of smart devices.

    OLYMPUS Audio Controller
    With the combination of smartphone and the recorder, the app offers you a new recording experience, such as remote controlling or linking images to recorded files.

    Remote control from smartphones
    With Wi-fi connection, it can start and stop recording and also add index marks to the recordings.
    *Remote recording from the OLYMPUS Audio Controller, will be record in MP3 128kbps regardless of the recording settings.

    Link images to voice files (Visual Index)
    You can attach images taken by smartphones to voice files recorded by the recorder. You can attach images exactly as you do when adding normal index marks. Also you can select 4 other types of index marks which allow you to find the position easily.

    Share data with Dropbox
    The recorded data can be uploaded to Dropbox easily. By sharing the data with Dropbox, you can playback/edit the recordings with another smartphone or tablet PCs which has the Audio Controller installed. You can also playback with the web browser from a PC.

    Setup Easily
    You can easily setup Wi-fi connection between the recorder and the smartphone, by scanning the QR code shown on the recorder with the app.

    Compatible Digital Voice Recorder: DM-901 (As of Jan, 2014)

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