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    PhoneBook Plus presents fast ways to lookup contacts using large-size-key keypad and easy ways to call and mass SMS; it also includes convenient means to send free MMS images and to forward contact information; Plus it provides comprehensive capability of group management and a better place to store information such as SMS greetings, jokes and membership cards. PhoneBook+ is the most professional and comprehensive contact management and group messaging App in the AppStore. It is a necessary complement to iPhone existing functionalities, and a powerful tool for keeping in touch with acquaintances and managing customer relationships. PinYin search supported.

    Features include:
    1. Larger Keys, easier to use
    2. Space Separated Partial Search for quicker name and number lookup such as searching area code and numbers separately (V3.5)
    3. Fuzzy search which does not require using a space to separate first and last name search
    4. Mass SMS for Phone centric users
    5. Group management for Phone centric users
    6. Group and Company name search for business users
    7. Notes function for convenient storing of notes and messages
    8. Contacts automatic forwarding sending name and number or name and email
    9. Sort by frequent contacts for even faster lookup
    10. Internet based free MMS does not require compatibility of Phones and Telecom operators
    11. Much better PinYin search support
    12. And much more...

    PhoneBook+ is the most professional product among all PhoneBook product suite. Even though they all have the above features, PhoneBook+ has the most flexible interface which allows switching between tasks and sending messages to both selected contacts and selected groups or selected group members.

    PhoneBook+ completely eliminates the difficulty iPhone users often experience when performing simple phone-tasks such as finding a contact to call or sending group messages. By making use of a large-size-key keypad, contact name search becomes an one-handed operation with improved accuracy of key inputs. Users no longer need to look at the keypad while entering contact names using both hands. It is a must-have companion App for all iPhone users.

    Our address book may have as few as a couple of hundred of contacts or as many as several thousand. As the number of contacts grows, the preinstalled iPhone Contacts App can become difficult to use. Because of its tiny index and small-size-key keyboard, it can be almost impossible to use for users with big finger tips or have longer finger nails.

    PhoneBook+ is one of the best iPhone utility Apps with powerful functionalities and easy to use user Interface.