Remember Smart

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    Remember Smart

    Smart memory application that helps you to remember the important things, in your day-to-day lives, that you generally tend to forget. Remember Smart is a simple, handy and elegant reminder application using which you can set reminders for all your important tasks, prioritize the reminders and even send e-mails and messages directly from within the application. What’s more, you can also change the themes and colors of the application.


    1 Ability to create groups as per your needs. For example ‘Office Reminders’ could be one group
    2 Ability to add a title and corresponding description to a group. For example setting a ‘Review Meeting’ and being able to set a date and time for the same, and also being able to update these details
    3 Provide recall notifications for a particular reminder
    4 Ability to prioritize the reminder tasks as low or high priority
    5 Ability to send an e-mail or a message directly from the Remember Smart application
    6 Ability to change the themes of the application
    7 Ability to change the colors of the application