In SaveItSafe! you can store all your personal information in a secure and safe way.

    With saveItSafe! you are iCloud ready, not everybody wants to share all their (personal) information on iCloud!

    Note: This is a lite version with a limited number of entries.
    Try this lite version for free to see what a great app it is!

    With SaveItSafe! you can store login information for:
    - Apps
    - Computers
    - Email accounts
    - Social Networks
    - Websites

    Besides login information you even can store:
    - Bank/creditcard information
    - Notes
    - Photo’s

    Because the same login is (often) used for a website for which you also have an app in your phone you don’t have to enter it twice. Just specify it’s also an app (or when entering an app it’s also a website or social network).

    - Tested on the iPhone and iPad
    - Tested on all iOS
    - Full orientation support
    - Password protected
    - Recovery question available and optional
    - Email notes
    - Send photo’s back to the camera roll
    - One entry for apps that are also websites/social networks and vice versa
    - Go to a website in Safari by just clicking the URL

    All your information is protected by a password you define and to be sure you can recover it when lost, you can set a recovery question.

    The app never ever connects to the internet, the only connection to ‘the outside world’ is when you send a note by email, when you send a photo back to the camera roll or when you want to go to a website by clicking on a URL.

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