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    Shifty is a scheduling app for small businesses and individuals.

    :: ABOUT ::

    The basis of Shifty is to enter all the data which rarely ever changes, such as shift patterns, staff and duties. After that's in the system making schedules is just dragging and dropping combinations of those items.

    Shifty was originally designed to be used by restaurants, pubs and shops. However it turned out to be useful to a much wider audience. For example: families, security companies, tour guides, charities, schools, churches, doctors and even gardeners!

    :: THEY SAY ::

    "Overall, this is a fantastic application that will really make running any business a whole lot easier." (

    "This app can perform tasks pertaining to scheduling in business like a breeze. All you need to do is download this app, configure it for your particular business specific information and get started with its lucid drag and drop interface." (

    :: YOU SAY ::

    "Despite a few annoying limitations it's still the best program I've seen for less than $500." (Richard W via email)

    "I think the layout is ingenious." (Peter F via email)

    "This is an attractive application, easy to use and customise and with a good email export facility. I highly recommend the investment and rate this as 5 stars without hesitation." (BigSequin, UK AppStore)

    "I run a small petsitting business and this makes scheduling a breeze. There's a little learning curve but once you get it... works great! Thanks" (Aunt Edith, US AppStore)

    "This app is by far the best app I have purchased for my iPad. It's really easy to use and better yet it's easy for everyone to read once the data is put in. I would recommend this app to anyone that has to make schedules for employees or even for someone who works a few jobs or does shift work. It's so visual the whole family will be able to figure out where you are. This app is the best money I have spent for my iPad." (Chezcloe, Canadian AppStore)

    "Great app that is easy to use. Feedback is quick and considers opinion. Looks good and works well for multiple staff." (Come on 2, Australian AppStore)


    Every country has its own AppStore. This means you only see ratings and reviews for your own country. For your convenience the worldwide average is... 4.2 stars.

    This is based on 400+ ratings from all countries that have ratings, calculated June 2015.

    :: LEARN MORE ::

    Visit or tap the "Shifty Support" link on this page. There you'll find the manual and videos that show Shifty in action. You can also find the videos by searching for "ShiftyApp" on YouTube. There's also a free version called "Shifty Jr" available on the App Store. This should help you decide if you want to plunge into the wonderful world of Shifty, if you're not already convinced!

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