TruQC is paperless documentation for the iPad and Web. It is used by customers to stay compliant with industry standards and manage their workflow. TruQC is cloud-based, easy-to-use, compact and objective.

    • Strong admin controls make it easier to manage and monitor your projects
    • True objectivity
    • Integrated solution for optimal reporting
    • Unlimited cloud storage
    • Real-time syncing and secure storage functionality
    • Data is always at your fingertips
    • Document Library keeps everything in one place

    • Innovation of the Year Award – MP Readers’ Choice
    • Finalist for Tabby Awards /Business
    • CoatingsPro Magazine High-Performance Coatings Industry’s Product of 2012
    • CoatingsPro Magazine Top Product of Past Ten Years
    • ITEN 2014, 2015, 2016

    • Permission-based app: Allows those assigned to a project access to the related forms.
    • Specification confirmation: Admins can review all submitted forms and check for missing or incorrect information prior to final.
    • No more entry errors: Multi-selects, numeric keypads, scrolling pickers and skip-logic ensure entry errors don’t occur.
    • Elcometer BLE and PosiTector WiFi and BLE device compatible: TruQC communicates wirelessly with these devices.
    • Accountability: All forms can be retrieved electronically or produced as a PDF. They are all time, date, GPS, photo and signature-stamped.
    • Barcode scanning technology: Automatically retrieve key batch information simply by scanning a Carboline product. Information imported includes product, color and batch data.
    • Forms sync in real-time: TruQC utilizes technology that allows a centrally located administrator to check on any job at any time.
    • Storage/security: A remote user and administrator have access to the same information -- anytime, anywhere. A full snapshot of the data is continuously backed up.
    • Accessibility: All submitted, approved and in-process forms can be quickly retrieved and available for audit, QC/QA or owner inquiry.
    • Manage employee access to job-specific documents: The TruQC Document Library allows you to remotely manage employee access to job-specific documents like SDS, PDS, blueprints, scopes of work, contracts, employee certifications, equipment user manuals and more.
    • Annotate documents: TruQC's Associated Documents capability allows you to easily highlight, draw, insert text, add photos, and mark issues on blueprints, photos or any other PDF.
    • Search PDF: The TruQC File Cabinet and Document Library both allow you to search for specific words inside of a large document such as a site safety plan, contract or within a report.
    • Print, Email, Dropbox, Box, etc: PDF’s allow for easy transfer of the information to other parties.
    • Web App: Review reports and perform administrative functions from any web accessible device, such as a phone or laptop. Set up jobs and employees, upload documents to the library, run summaries, and track and edit issues.
    • TAM: Total Asset Management allows users to create, maintain, track and document the lifecycle of an asset.

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