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    "Unemployment insurance calculator" is an application that calculates the estimated amount of the basic allowance provided based on Employment Insurance Law. (correspondence after revision August, 2010)Supervision: [**] Ichiro of day (public consultant on social and labor insurance)

    Isn't anxious when thinking about the retirement and job change money after it retires?
    The calculating formula of [uke**gaku] is quite complex though it is thought that a basic allowance that many people are provided based on Employment Insurance Law is used.
    This application calculates an easy numerical value and the estimated amount of a basic allowance in which [uke**] can do with input [surudake] is calculated.
    Please use it for the attendant of the retirement and job change by all means.

    1.Please input date of birth.
    2.Please input the resignation day.
    3.The monthly sum of the salary is input (Please input supplied amount before it variously deducts it to the monthly sum of the salary. Please input the amount of the average soon for 6 months in Kon when greatly changing every month. The bonus is excluded).
    4.Please select the insurant period.
    5.Please select whether it is a voluntary separation or non-voluntary separation.
    6.Please do the unemployment allowance calculation in the tap.

    It doesn't correspond to the aged jobseeker benefit.
    In this application, to use everyone, the input item is decreased as much as possible.

    Difference between pay version and free version
    ・As for a free version, the advertisement is inserted.
    ・A pay version can transmit the numerical result with mail.

    As a result, it is likely to become a not corresponding numerical result to an actual supply of each user.
    Please acknowledge that the producer and the supervising editor cannot assume the responsibility at all even if this application calculates the estimated amount of a basic allowance and one result myriad damage using this application is caused.

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