1,2,3 Count With Me!

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    1,2,3 Count With Me! is one of the best learning to count apps we have tried (

    Play and learn app. You will be amazed to see your kid picking up count to 10 easily in a calm and fun game. Just a little magic!

    PLAY: complete the puzzles with a simple drag and drop. The toys are counted out loud in English, and the numbers are displayed as well.

    TEACHING BASE: the principle of one-to-one correspondence (the understanding that each object being counted represents “one more”) gives the child tangible representations of the concepts related to numbers and counting.

    FUN ANIMATED REWARD: when the puzzle is finished, a little animated magic happens: the balloons fly away, the apples fall down, the ladybirds run off, etc.

    LOT OF PRACTICE: it's so interesting to see what happens next time, that it's impossible to stop!

    NEVER-BORING: to make the game even more exciting, sets of toys change every time you play! Consider 37 types of toys (more than 150 in total) and 12 geometric shapes in 5 colours!

    The CONCEPT of ZERO may be introduced to the child easily: just fit a couple of toys to their places and then take them away!

    The app is created with the help of parents, teachers and kids.

    Important features:

    - Native English speakers voice recordings;
    - Easy fitting of magnets - good for toddlers;
    - Great for fine motor skill development; may be recommended to kids with retardation;
    - Perfect as a gift app for kids and students of English of all ages.

    We believe that all kids like learning... if it's fun and easy!

    We have used our ABC Magnetic Board, containing letters, numbers, grammar and maths signs and symbols, geometric shapes and numerous toys to create this app - a great educational and entertaining source!

    If you are having troubles getting sound, please check the Alert and Ringtones sound option (Settings, Sounds tab) - it should be slid away from zero.

    In case you have any questions, problem or suggestion regarding our app, please do not hesitate to contact us (easy to do from the app) - we will replay to you in a few hours.