A Christmas Carol: Oxford Bookworms Stage 3 Reader (for iPad)

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    This is the iPad version. Enjoy this famous story, adapted for learners of English, and improve your English. Read it, listen to it, and look up words you don’t know in the glossary. Colour illustrations help you understand important parts of the story. When you finish reading, see how many questions you can get right in the quiz.

    • Listen to a real voice reading the story
    • Read this story and you will read 10,385 words
    • A Christmas Carol is a Stage 3 Oxford Bookworm
    • Oxford Bookworms go from Starter to Stage 6, from beginner to advanced level

    The story:
    Christmas is humbug, Scrooge says - just a time when you find yourself a year older and not a penny richer. The only thing that matters to Scrooge is business, and making money.

    But on Christmas Eve three spirits come to visit him. They take him travelling on the wings of the night to see the shadows of Christmas past, present, and future - and Scrooge learns a lesson that he will never forget.

    Are you learning English? Enjoy a great story, have fun, and improve your language with Oxford Bookworms! This version of A Christmas Carol has been specially adapted for language learners by Clare West. Research shows that the more you read, the more your language improves.

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