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    Music Player for listening/study material. Fantastic learning aid for all language students.
    This app is especially made for anyone who studies a foreign language and who listens to CDs which come with text books or podcasts.

    • When listening to a CD, some parts can be difficult to hear correctly and you can't understand by listening only a few times. You want to and need to repeat that part many times.  Set playback area and you can repeat that particular area as many times as you want.  (A-B repeat playback).

    • You can save the clip and listen to it later.
    Send the clip as an email with attachment, or upload to Twitter or Facebook so your friends and teacher can listen to it too. (*)

    • Adjustable playback speed.

    • List up Recently studied albums.
    • Track selection screen has a scroll bar so you can directly scroll to the track you need.  This is useful when a CD contains many short tracks.
    • Directly move tracks from the player screen.  If your listening material tells you "Move to track number xx", you can move directly without going back to the track selection screen.

    * Clipping is restricted to maximum 3 minutes.
    * This player does not support to play back music with DRM (copy guard protection).


    5000 lines of original ObjC codes
    4281 lines of original Swift codes
    SoundCloud API with JSON API and OAuth API
    Lame mp3 framework to encode mp3
    libid3 framework to access mp3 metadata

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