Amazing 123 Number Learn, Trace & Play

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    This amazing Number learning app is designed to foster your child to learn number counting from 1 to 20 in an enjoyable and rewarding environment.

    The program will come with three separate apps:

    1. Number counting with animated graphic and sound.
    2. Number tracing for learning how to write without parent's present.
    3. Game to test your kid's progress in learning number

    The goal is to foster your child to learn, write and play in any order they prefer. As a result, your child can learn number alone for hours without parent guidance.
    Age 2-5

    Product features: 
    • Kids love the music, sound and animation of this 3-in-1 learning app
    • Number counting with animated graphic and sound
    • Number tracing to improve further writing skills
    • Game to test your child's learning progress

    Note: This app does not have any advertisement, data collection nor any marketing scheme. Absolutely safe for your child to play for hours.