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    "Animal super coloring book Lite" is a coloring book application that both children and adults can enjoy. All the illustrations are modeled after real animals. Everyone can enjoy coloring animals and study their names.

    "Animal super coloring book Lite" is the perfect tool for an intellectual children education, at the same time, a relaxing entertainment for adults and a recreational resource for elderly people. You can either enjoy coloring the illustrations by yourself or with family and friends.

    The application features Line alpha button and Cover illustration button that enable you to change the transmitting rate and the density of the illustrated cover. You can enjoy advanced type of coloring.
    The color can be added many times like they were painted with a brush on the canvas by using the Line Alpha Button, and enables you to enjoy your own original coloring.

    - Appealing illustrations of 2 real animals created by a professional illustrator.
    - 36 color palettes, line size slider, eraser and undo function (negates the last command).
    - Features Alpha button that you can change the transmitting rate.
    - Features Cover illustrated button that you can change the density of the illustrated cover.
    - Zoom function helps coloring details.
    - Saving Variations. Save work in progress and continue coloring where you left. (You can only save the latest work for each illustration.) The completed illustrations can be saved to Photo Album on your iPad, sent by email or set as iPad wallpaper.

    Available 13 more cute Dinosaur coloring with in-app purchase.

    Animal super coloring book includes 15 animal's illustrations:
    ・Asian tapir
    ・Black-backed jackal
    ・Small Japanese Mole
    ・Barbary sheep
    ・Spotted hyena
    ・Black rhinoceros
    ・Brown bear
    ・Giant anteater
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