Brush Teeth With Momo




    Having problems getting your child to brush his or her teeth?

    Usually a child does not want to brush his teeth because he thinks it is a boring or even scary task. By playing with a toothbrushing app, it allows him to associate toothbrushing with fun. This app also rewards your child with points so that he can feed his toothbrushing buddy or dress him up.

    1) Brush Together Mode so that your child can brush together with his friend. Total brush time can be customised to between 1.5 to 4.0 minutes.
    2) Brush Momo Mode so that your child can swipe the iPad to brush Momo while you can brush your child's teeth.

    Parental Lock
    This app provides direct email access to contact us via the app. We also provide a link to our other apps on the App Store and a link to our facebook page. All these buttons are hidden and they can be accessed by tapping and holding the Parents Icon at the Top Left corner of the Start Page. The Settings Page will appear after holding down for 3 seconds.

    There is no In App Purchase nor Analytics used in this app.

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