Color Mix HD (Animal): Learn Paint Colors by Mixing Paints & Drawing Animals for Preschool




    The Original Color Mix!!
    Kids paint with colors they mix themselves!

    "A great app that will encourage your kids’ creativity in a fun way." -
    "A lot of value for your classroom!" -

    Children love learning that Red and Blue can be mixed to make Purple. Add some Black and it’s a Dark Purple!

    Other apps only let your children choose a crayon color. Color mixing allows them to explore their creativity by learning to mix colors and then paint “masterpieces” with them.

    Using 5 basic paint colors on the palette, a child can mix them to make any color they imagine, then use the saved colors to paint!

    This educational coloring book app (filled with wild animals, zoo animals & farm animals) is a fun way for preschoolers to learn colors. It’s a great addition to Art & Music education programs for Preschool & Kindergarten classrooms.

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    * Learn to mix colors through exploration and discovery.
    * The best way for preschoolers to learn colors
    * Lots of provided coloring pages and backgrounds to color on
    * Also paint on pictures from your photo album
    * Save artwork to local gallery, and/or to photo album
    * Choose between auto-fill or freehand coloring book
    * Connect the dots pages help children learn number recognition, sorting, and matching numbers, by learning numbers & counting their way through the dots.

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