CSI Literacy: Library Starter




    The CSI Literacy Starter app contains Terrifying Beast of the Deep, an exciting chapter-length text on natural history topics. Start with this text. Then fill your CSI Literacy Library with a further 24 engaging, leveled texts specifically designed to build comprehension, vocabulary, and world knowledge across a variety of subjects.

    Create your own tailored CSI Literacy Library by purchasing reading sets based on grade, content area, or whatever you and your class are interested in!

    For readers aged 8‑11+.

    Featuring interactive tools for developing comprehension skills:

    •Annotation, highlighting and drawing
    •Pop-up video

    CSI Literacy content areas:

    •English (Fiction and Nonfiction)
    •Social Studies
    •Financial Literacy

    Grade 3 Titles

    •Money Doesn't Grow on Trees
    •Terrifying Beast of the Deep
    •Aliens: Uggles Meet Wopples
    •Taken for Granted
    •Underwater Worlds
    •The Boy Who Saved Too Much
    •The Right Angle
    •Who Did It?

    Grade 4 Titles

    •The Science of Sleep
    •What a Mess!
    •Big Bugs, Bad Bugs
    •The Garden
    •Ice Pilots
    •The Man Who Changed the World

    Grade 5 Titles

    •Hissy Fits
    •It's a Deal
    •It's a Numbers Game
    •Who Knew?
    •A Guide to Time Travel
    •Monster Hunting
    •Diary of Invisible Me
    •The Great Earth Magnet