Drag the Rope:Maze HD free




    ★Connect your mind, connect you and me, and connect the world.
    ★Drag the Rope, the Top 3 puzzle game in 69 countries have new version---Maze!!!
    ★ Let's enjoy funny in "Drag the Rope", through the maze, win the reward!!!



    §. Playing various game levels, testing new content each time

    ◇◇There are numerous levels and plenty of plays in of the game “Drag the Rope”, which drawing you to play it again and again.Change infinity, in the degree of difficulty on the level progressive, so that players can face off with each passing a different challenge.

    §. Incorporating teaching into play edutainment game good to health

    ◇◇Under simple rules in game, and you will challenge yourselves constantly, enhance intelligence and improve mind intelligence constantly.

    §. Delicate game art to show you more pictures

    ◇◇You can drag the rope more freely with delicate game art without any limits to create beautiful screen.Fine screen, play as you wish. You can draw beautiful pictures with "Drag the Rope".

    §. Support Facebook ,Twitter and other Social Network

    ◇◇You can share game with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Network, no matter where you are.

    §. Language support: English, Simplified Chinese.


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