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    "Energy for Life" is a complete educational application about the vital role of human nutrition.

    We get the energy necessary to live, the materials necessary for tissue construction and regeneration, and the substances which regulate the body's internal reactions through the role of nutrition. Functions carried out in the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

    Available in English and Spanish, the development of this application has been supervised by educational and medical professionals to explain the functions of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, and the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM in an enjoyable and entertaining way.

    Taking advantage of the iPad’s functionalities, it has interactive explanations and animations which reveal a whole new way of learning.

    Its innovative navigation runs in a natural environment, associating the educational content with the capabilities of some of the most famous dinosaurs. This catches the user’s attention, who then learns new concepts and is motivated to interact, enhancing the learning process.


    The set of organs whose correlative function consists of converting food nutrients into usable substances for the body. A trip through the digestive tract, during which the food experiences various transformations via mechanical and chemical phases.

    · Chewing. Parts of the mouth and their function.
    · Swallowing. Phases of swallowing. Pharyngeal and esophageal phases.
    · Gastric Digestion Function of the stomach and gastric juices.
    · Intestinal Digestion. Function of the small intestine, liver and pancreas. Nutrients, primarily vitamins and minerals.
    · Expulsion. Function and main parts of the large intestine.

    The purpose of breathing is to get enough oxygen for the blood and free it from carbon dioxide. Discover the functioning of our respiratory system and its importance.

    · Breathing. Functioning of the respiratory system. Parts of the respiratory system.
    · Gas Exchange. Function of the alveoli. Exchange of oxygen and CO2 in the bloodstream.

    Blood flows inside our bodies, supplying nutrients and oxygen to all tissues and removing waste products.

    · The blood. Function of the blood and essential components.
    · The heart. Functioning of the heart and its parts.
    · Blood circulation. Body map of circulation. Peripheral and pulmonary circulation.
    · Excretion. Urinary system. Functioning and essential parts.
    · Metabolism. Catabolism and anabolism. Glycolysis.

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