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    As a leader in college financial aid consulting, Turbo Tuition, Inc. is successful in helping families of college applicants via face-to-face meetings. Our mission is to help families plan ahead and become college financial aid savvy. Now, we can help more families with an application that can be used bypassing the limits of distance and time.

    Financial Aid MaximizEr (FAME) offers you a place to understand how FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and CSS (College Scholarship Service) work, and how your financial situation impacts the calculation of expected family contribution before you officially apply on of Department of Education. It is like taking unlimited practice tests before taking the real one!

    Better yet, taking one step further, FAME provides customized strategies based on your financial situation to maximize your college financial aid. Best of all, you are getting all these customized services at a fraction of what you would pay for a personal consultation!

    This multi-faceted application is packed with many features, including the following:

    •Exclusive feature: First-ever real-time display of your cost of attendance ("COA") and estimated financial aid ("EFA") side by side. While you enter your financial profile, you see the EFA changes instantly according to your input. Both COA and EFA are displayed on the top of your screen at all times.

    This interactive data entry and display leads to dynamic use of this application. You can gain insight of cause-and-effect relationship between your input and result. It is an invaluable practice tool before you officially file your FAFSA (for all schools) and CSS (for private schools only).

    •Exclusive feature: We integrate our well-known college search app, College FAFSA Finder +, so that FAME should be your only place for college search and FAFSA application. With five (5) different search methods, you may obtain school profile and tuition information of any FAFSA-registered public and private universities and colleges in the U.S. You can save your favorite schools' info here and share it with anyone by email.

    •There are 9 different types of family profiles in accordance with FAFSA's category.
    •Your data is absolutely securely stored on your stand-alone device and stays private.

    •Public scholarship list to be added in our next release.

    After you are satisfied with your EFA result, let's not stop there. Let's maximize your EFA!

    •Exclusive feature: you get personalized strategies from our consultants based on your family profile to maximize your EFA. Some of the strategies are used to be only available in pricy face-to-face consultation. In addition, you are entitled to one (1) email consultation if you have further questions on the strategies.

    Our mission is to help more families plan ahead and become college financial aid savvy. Please help us by writing your review and spreading the words so that more families can benefit from this nimble yet powerful application!

    We welcome your inputs to further improve FAME. Please email your comments to Thank you in advance!

    FAME is jointly developed by Turbo Tuition Inc. and Zynsoft Inc.

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