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    Formula Gems is a Tetris-style math app that actually teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, as well as equation concepts. The goal is to clear as many blocks as possible. However, in Formula Gems, blocks are only destroyed by placing their respective mathematical symbols in the correct sequence! To win, you’ll have to learn how equations work, increase your mental skills for calculation, not to mention learning to improve your spatial awareness.

    Recommended Ages: for players above 8 years old

    Skills to learn:

    arithmetic of equation, greater and smaller symbols
    Basic Math Skills: Find solutions to the equations, with an emphasis on accuracy and speed.

    Strategically determine the place for each block to create desired equation.
    Colorful and unique characters and animation in real time.
    Offers a special block that erase mistakes, and encourages learning by trial and error.
    Speed increase as your child levels up, and a Star-rating System to make it more challenging every time.
    Support Game Center Achievements.
    Detailed score board makes you easy to track your kids’ learning progress.
    Playable on iPhone, iPod touch4 and iPad, and that makes it a universal app.

    Your child will delight in destroying blocks with the power of math, while reviewing old skills and learning new ones in the process.

    It’s so simple that any child can pick it up and enjoy right away, but still challenging enough for players of all ages.

    Formula Gems will turn your kid into a Math master for sure. It’s fun, it’s deceptively simple, and it’s really challenging. Most of all, it’s a ton of mathematic fun that will make any kid delighted for hours!

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