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    Our calculator does mixed fractions & decimal arithmetic with support for brackets. This covers most of the work you need to do with fractions but we also record the results to a "paper tape" which you can scroll to review (with the ability to select and copy) and you also can email it to yourself so you can see and record the sum of your labours.

    For example you can enter
    5 3/16 + (12.11 - 1/8)*2 =
    to get the answer 11663/400 which you can then show as
    29 63/400, or 29.1575

    Or calculate 2^151 "2 to the power of 151" to get 2854495385411919762116571938898990272765493248

    Remember swipe left/right to DELETE the number, line, or tape.

    Yes you can enter 5--1_3/4 to say 5 minus the NEGATIVE fraction 1 3/4

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