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    Everyone deserves the gift of gab! But some disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, stroke, and autism, make verbal communication almost impossible. With Gabby, there is finally an affordable, yet powerful program to help you find your voice. Using images associated to text and/or audio combined with an easy to use and configurable interface, allows people with all ranges of disabilities to communicate much easier.

    Key features:

    ▪ Easily create and modify your own vocabulary.
    ▪ Use the built-in text-to-speech (TTS), or record your own voice.
    ▪ Administration mode so normal users can't modify or change anything.
    ▪ Multiple users with passwords (all vocabulary and organization private to each user).
    ▪ Temporarily hide vocabulary from view (until unhidden).
    ▪ Organize your vocabulary into any combination of folders or tags.
    ▪ Access vocabulary by folder, or view (most recent, most used, GPS location, etc).
    ▪ Quick Access Panel to keep vocabulary used often always available.
    ▪ Text mode: Gabby can read back anything you type.
    ▪ Sentence mode: Combine multiple vocabulary to form a sentence and play it back.
    ▪ Immediate mode: Click on an image and have the phrase or phonetic phrase spoken by TTS or your own audio played back.
    ▪ Built in web browser to provide easy access to images on the web.
    ▪ Image capture from camera, photo album, or web browser.
    ▪ Basic image editing (flip horizontal/vertical, crop, zoom, pan) without leaving the application.
    ▪ Send text/e-mail message while in sentence or text mode.
    ▪ Each vocabulary item has an image, phrase, phonetic phrase, tags, and comments.
    ▪ GPS Location, usage count, date, and time are all captured as each vocabulary item is used.
    ▪ Advanced search capability to find your vocabulary quickly.

    View video tutorials here:

    Please note:

    1. The images provided are for example only. It is strongly suggested that you use your own images to customize the application to your own needs.

    2. All settings are accessible from the information screen (by tapping the Info button in the top right corner of the application,

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