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    Habla Español is a complete and fascinating Spanish course: the video episodes of the sitcom and the lessons conducted by a native Spanish-speaking teacher create a full-immersion environment and direct contact with the spoken language.

    Follow the exciting adventures of the sit-com "Vida de artistas": the story of 6 youngsters living in Madrid and dealing with the small joys or sadnesses of everyday life. Follow the love stories, the arguments and professional successes in a passionate series of situations.

    Contents of the application INICIAL:

    26 video-lessons, each one contains:
    •2 video episodes of the sit-com "Vida de artistas", which tells the adventures of six young people who live in Madrid;
    •2 personal lessons depicting the teacher with a student;
    •2 lessons focusing on an aspect of the language, conducted by the teacher on a digital board;
    •a set of exercises to check on the learning progress;
    •a pronunciation glossary.

    You can watch the videos with or without subtitles.

    Linguistic Objectives:
    Starting from the easiest linguistic notions, you will be able to talk about yourself, your family and your tastes. You will then know how to describe and discuss opinions and experiences, dreams and hopes.

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