Habla español - Nivel Intermedio




    Habla Español is a complete and fascinating Spanish course: the video episodes of the sitcom and the lessons conducted by a native Spanish-speaking teacher create a full-immersion environment and direct contact with the spoken language.

    Follow the exciting adventures of the sit-com "Vida de artistas": the story of 6 youngsters living in Madrid and dealing with the small joys or sadnesses of everyday life. Follow the love stories, the arguments and professional successes in a passionate series of situations.

    Contents of the application INTERMEDIO:

    24 video-lessons, each one contains:
    •2 video episodes of the sit-com "Vida de artistas", which tells the adventures of six young people who live in Madrid;
    •2 personal lessons depicting the teacher with a student;
    •2 lessons focusing on an aspect of the language, conducted by the teacher on a digital board;
    •a set of exercises to check on the learning progress;
    •a pronunciation glossary.

    You can watch the videos with or without subtitles.

    Linguistic Objectives:
    This level will teach you how to easily and spontaneously converse on a varied range of subjects, both concrete and abstract. Furthermore you will be able to write clear and well-constructed texts on complex subjects.