Happy Destiny

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    I am Happy, not because of a Destiny, but because I Know How to Live

    Destiny does not exist, it never has
    Happiness manifests itself, it externalizes itself in physical and emotional health, and it is our natural destiny to be happy. To be happy we have to choose the path of reflection, all will depend on this.
    If destiny is an inevitable and supernatural power and it is also our natural destiny to enjoy life, then why should we worry about the future? It seems like a contradiction, like it makes no sense. In reality, this is a misinterpretation. Destiny exists and it doesn’t exist. We are naturally happy. We are happy when we are healthy. We are also destined to die, because everything that has life must die. It is an inviolable law of nature. In real life, everything that has a beginning will have an end.
    We live with the negative and the positive. That’s how life is. These two aspects are completely inseparable. If what does us harm occurs because of a destiny, then free will is unnecessary. We can’t be on good terms with both God and the Devil. These are not bipolar thoughts, it’s just that, normally, people use “destiny” to justify their errors. Human beings don’t like to see the reality of life. They prefer to escape from it with fantasies and beliefs. Humans always try to escape from what they don’t understand. They prefer to take refuge in, without worrying about the consequences, a false life. This is due to the fact that, among all mammals, we are the ones that have intelligence, but we are less prudent due to our lack of wisdom. This seems like a contradiction, but it isn’t. We are very intelligent, but we don’t really enjoy our intellectual capacity because we are too lazy to think. This is all because of our inability to adapt to life. We don’t like to see reality. We prefer to live according to our fantasies, our legends, in order to feel falsely secure. God still hasn’t succeeded in understanding the human mind. It is because of our way of thinking that we alienate ourselves from the truth and, consequently, from happiness. All of this is occurs because of our beliefs. This way of acting makes us think we can be happy. Believing in a destiny only leads us to justify our mistakes.
    There’s no doubt that we are intelligent. Our intelligence is comparable to a magnificent computer that we, nonetheless, don’t know how to use. We simply don’t know how to use our brains. Is that destiny? No, it’s lack of reflection. So when you got addicted to tobacco, alcohol, or any other drugs, it was because you didn’t reflect. This is not a sin. However, you will pay the consequences. Mother Nature does not forgive, only God does, according to theology. Therefore, you are not to blame. If you believe in destiny, your God will be cruel. If I am alive, my destiny is to die. This is not cruelty, but the law of life. Don’t forget that everything that has a beginning has an end. If there were no beginnings, there would be no ends. That’s the reason why nature has no end. It’s never had a beginning. Of course, God must have had a beginning, because will still don’t know what God is. As you may already realize, destiny doesn’t exist but in our way of thinking. Having been born was not destiny. Being born was only the activation of the underlying laws of nature on your behalf.