Homeschool First Grade Student

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    First Grade Learning Games make a fun package for homeschooling kids. All the activities are time tested and help kids learn in an engaging manner.

    Kids will learn new words and practice them with fun activities such as Bingo, Word Search etc. We have tried to provide the best tools, for teaching different maths concepts, important at this stage – Addition, Subtractions, Patterns and Ordering Numbers.
    Apart from this, kids can also be creative and keep themselves busy with fun games like coloring, joining dots, mazes and memory match.

    Addition and Subtraction are taught in a very interactive way using all the tools – different pictures, sticks and numberline. Best and fast ways to do addition and subtraction is also taught as a trick.

    a. Addition and Subtraction with help from numberline, finger counting and tricks.
    b. Words Bingo.
    c. Word Search.
    d. Exhaustive Spelling List
    e. Patterns
    f. Ascending and descending order
    g. Speed up Math with Car Racing.
    h. Nouns and Verbs
    i. Sight Words
    j. Time
    k. Compound Words
    l. Colouring the pictures, Amazing Mazes,Join the dots to find hidden pictures,Memory Match.

    This app is liked for its focus on learning while keeping the kids engaged and happy. After few sessions only kids will be able to get a good hold on their elementary concepts.

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