Hong Kong Driving License Test




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    Key Features
    • Free Questions
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    • Spend only a few hours studying and pass your HK Driving Test
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    • Latest test questions
    • Over 400 questions (Chinese)
    • Questions are divided into 27 different topics to enhance your learning experience
    • Questions are generated randomly
    • Questions are based on the actual HK Driving Test
    • Choose from 3 options (Random Questions, Incorrectly Answered Questions, and Not Attempted Questions)
    • Track how many questions you have done correctly, incorrectly, and not attempted

    Recommendation Section
    • Recommends when you are ready to take the USCIS Naturalization test
    • Professional analysis using binomial distribution
    • Analyze your chances of passing the actual knowledge test based on your past performance
    • Gives you the probability of passing the actual US Citizenship test and tells you how long before closing you should go take your exam

    Test Result Section
    • View your practice test results
    • Find out what questions you've done wrong after taking the practice test
    • Displays the time used for each question, answer chosen and correct answer

    Past Test Results
    • Graphical view of your previous test marks
    • View the past test results
    • Shows your highest, average and lowest mark and time used

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    Smart Timer and Progress Tracking
    • Track how long it takes for you to take the US Citizenship test
    • Intelligent timer will stop when you put the app to sleep or viewing the answer
    • Right and wrong counter for every question