Horizon Community College Communication App for iPhone




    September 2012 saw the opening of Horizon Community College, Barnsley following the closure of Holgate and Kingstone Schools. It will build upon the successes and strengths of these two schools and provide a learning environment which will open up new learning horizons to the young people and their families, along with business and community groups within Barnsley. The purpose of this App is to enhance communication with all who have an interest in our college.

    The Horizon Community College Communication App provides school information, up to date news, photos and video direct to your iPhone or iPad in real-time and for free. It means you will be able to keep in touch with the progress of the new building and once the school opens, find out what is happening via direct news feeds.

    Keeping in touch with what is happening at school has never been easier!

    For further information on building apps for education, contact Steve Quayle, at Holgate CLC on 01226 288 626 or
    Visit Holgate CLC’s website at