I see! Math1

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    Mathematics Application for Elementary School Children!

    A large volume: a total of 25 units and 50 sections!
    Each unit contains "Animation" section, through which basics can be learned, as well as "Drill" section for practice.
    The two-step learning system composed of Animation and Drill sections help students conquer math about which they feel they aren't so good at.

    Animation Section "Explanatory Animation":
    Cute characters will teach children mathematics in an easy-to-understand manner.
    While having fun, children can automatically learn important points of each unit.

    Drill Section "Practice":
    This is the hands-on section in which children actually solve problems.
    There are plenty of clues that can help children to get right answers.
    Children will therefore feel the joy of solving problems all by themselves.

    Progress in learning can be confirmed at a glance:
    Because study data is saved, children can confirm how far they have progressed.

    Let your children use this application alone without worry:
    ・No personal information or data will be collected.
    ・There are no pop-up ads or links to websites in the application.

    Concerning the Free version:
    The free version allows you to try the first four sections free of charge.

    Number up to 10:
    - How Many? (1)
    - How Many? (2)
    - How Many? (3)
    - Which One?
    Parts of a Whole:
    - Parts and Whole
    - Find the Part
    - How Many are Hiding?
    - Various Shapes (1)
    - Various Shapes (2)
    - How Many in All? (1)
    - How Many in All? (2)
    - Add With Zero
    - Addition
    - How Many are Left?
    - How Many More?
    - Zero in subtraction
    - Subtraction
    - Calculation With 3 Numbers
    - Compare Length
    - Compare Capacity
    - Compare Area
    - How to Read a Clock
    Large Numbers:
    - Numbers up to 20
    - Numbers Greater Than 20
    - Numbers Greater Than 100


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