Helping Your Child To Communicate

    The ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental difficulty for many children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Communication breakdown leads to frustration for both parent and child. iasku has been designed and developed by our team of psychologists, speech and language therapists and app developers to support your child in communicating more purposefully. Unlike paper-based communication aids, iasku is easy to use in a range of settings and is also highly adaptable to new situations.

    - Comes with a range of useful symbols which make sense - communication is logical and meaningful

    - You can customise the app by hiding symbols when they are not suitable or appropriate

    - You can customise, sort and add new categories

    - New symbols are regularly published, available for you to download. Growing your symbol sets is easy

    - Allows you to create your own symbols by using the iPad or iPhone camera to create photographs of items that you need

    - Provides immediate communication at the right time

    - Supports genuine interaction – there is no synthetic voice or inappropriate use of language. All verbal prompts are eliminated