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    Have you got a Chemistry test coming up? Are you preparing a Chemistry assignment or dealing with calculations based on equations and want to make sure your answers are correct before submission? Do you wish you had an easy access to data while performing experiments in the Chemistry laboratory? If yes, then iChemCalc is the application for you. It contains a lot of calculators that can assist students of all grades studying Chemistry.

    The application presents a set of convenient and easy to use features that separates it from any other Chemistry calculator application.


    The app contains over 60 calculators based on the following six broad categories:

    - Physical Chemistry
    Avogardo's Number
    Mole fraction
    Molecular formula calculations
    Percentage yield
    Specific Retardation Factor
    centigrade to Kelvin scale
    Centigrade to Fahrenheit scale
    Fahrenheit to Centigrade scale
    Co-efficient of viscosity
    General gas constant
    Density calculations from general gas equation
    Partial pressure
    Total pressure
    Pressure calculations from molecular theory of gas
    Root mean square velocity
    Average velocity
    Most probable velocity
    Kinetic energy calculation
    Law of mass action
    Relationship between Kp and Kc
    Rate of reaction
    Raoults Law ( equation 1)
    Raoults Law ( equation 2)
    Raoults Law ( equation 3)
    Lowering of vapour pressure
    Elevation of boiling point(equation 1)
    Elevation of boiling point( equation 2)
    Depression in freezing point( equation 1)
    Depression in freezing point( equation 2)

    - Quantum Mechanics
    Planck's equation
    Einstein's mass energy relationship
    Wave number
    Angular momentum
    Energy of photon
    Radius of orbit
    Radius of orbit simper equation
    De-broglie equation
    Compton's effect

    - Thermodynamics
    Pressure volume work
    First law of thermodynamics
    Enthaply calculations
    Measurement of Enthalpy of a reaction( glass calorimeter)
    Measurement of Enthalpy of a reaction( bomb calorimeter)

    - Inorganic Chemistry
    pH calculation
    pH calculation from pOH
    pOH calculation
    pOH calculations from pH
    Henderson-Hasselbalch equation For acids
    Henderson-Hasselbalch equation For base
    Buffer capacity
    Bond order
    Dipole moment
    Percentage of ionic character

    - Nuclear Chemistry
    Decay constant
    Half life
    Half life calculations from decay constant

    Details of the calculator inputs and outputs are available at all the time for reference.
    The formula and image (if applicable) is shown in each calculator, hence making the calculations transparent.


    The app makes use of a unique Search feature so that you don’t have to find your desired calculator going in and out of the categories. You can search a calculator using its name as keywords. The application will show up matching results so that you can swiftly complete the task at hand.


    The app also lets you bookmark most commonly used calculators as favorites so that you can access your favorite calculators quickly at any time.

    If you have any suggestions to improve the application or you wish a specific calculator to be added please drop an email to New calculators will be added with each update.