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    "The kana syllabary" is a life-wide learning Japanese kana syllabaries software.It allows you to quickly keep in mind the voiceless, voiced / half voiced, bend sound of hiragana & katakana pronunciation and stroke order.
    Professional version of "The kana syllabary" integrates all the features and characteristics of the free version.At the same time, value by adding Quiz module which can choose the settings of questions such as the type/amount/level. Vast amounts exam to help you quickly test kana syllabaries mastery, and lay a solid foundation for Japanese learning.

    Software features:
    * User-friendly interface and operating
    * High-quality male / female voice pronunciation
    * Clear and smooth animation
    * True and intuitive writing experience
    * Vast amounts value of the test exam

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I believe this software will help you to overcome the Japanese learning disabilities, and leading to Quick Start.
    Start your Japanese learning journey from here!

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