Kanji Drill 3

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    "Kanji Workbook for 3rd grade student" application is a learning app that contains all 200 Japanese symbols learned by 3rd grade student in Japan.
    Students can acquire reading and writing skills by looking at Japanese with their eyes, listening to it with their ears, and writing it with their fingers, all while having fun.

    Through practice, students learn how to use symbols, and the meanings they contain, through an ample supply of example sentences.
    The stroke order of the symbols is shown through an animation so that students can learn to write in the proper order.

    Students can also test their knowledge through checking symbol pronunciation and test functions.
    When students write in an improper stroke order, the re-do function starts up, allowing them to memorize the correct order.
    Symbols that have already been written are saved so that students can continue practicing every day.
    Through the enjoyment of seeing the ○ symbols increase with each symbol remembered, students can have fun learning while feeling a sense of daily accomplishment.

    With the test function, students solve 20 questions, have their score marked, and receive a medal based on the number of correct answers.
    The test function shows the results of tests and additional tests broken down into a number of data.

    In addition, through the school-use setting (multi-user), up to 100 students can be registered on one device for use at schools, after-school learning centers, and more.