KidsMag Issue 1 lite




    ** Get KidsMag 1 full version and get access to the entire magazine content **

    KidsMag with Teo and Bianca is a creative and fun interactive magazine for children age 3 an above.
    - Your kids will enjoy a complete learning and entertaining experience.
    - 28 pages of content with over 50 different activities. ** Not all the activities are active in current lite version.
    - KidsMag is an educational magazine that combines the simplicity of Ipad’s intuitive user interface with learning and entertaining benefits of activity books.

    KIDSMAG Issue 1 features:

    * LISTEN & LEARN: Educational topics developed by fun and lovely characters that will lead your kids through the whole learning experience.
    * PLAY & ENJOY: Interactive topic-related games. Puzzles, 7 differences, Scene creators, find the odd one, dress up activities-
    * DRAW & COLOR: Complete and paint drawings. Different brush sizes, color palette and eraser to stimulate kids artistic talent.
    * COUNTING & WRITING: Letter and number recognition is stimulated through games. Counting skills are developed through games and topic-related activities.
    * READ & LISTENING: Stories for your kids to enjoy on their own or with an adult by reading or listening together.

    Teo and Bianca will lead you and your kid through all the activities. Their help is available on every page to be used whenever is needed. Both in written and in audio form.

    Children love to learn while playing and they are going to love KIDSMAG!

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