LanSchool Student for iOS




    LanSchool v8.0.0 is a full featured classroom management solution that helps teachers teach more effectively in a computer-based classroom.

    The LanSchool Student for iOS operates within the LanSchool environment providing many of the same features as the desktop LanSchool Student for Mac and Windows.

    The Student for iOS will have the following benefits for students, teachers, professors or corporate trainers.

    Assess Student Understanding
    Students can be quickly polled during a lecture with true/false or multiple choice questions. The student can respond using the LanSchool Student.

    Help Individual Students
    Students can silently send questions or request help from the LanSchool Student. A small question mark appears on the teacher's console when a Student sends a question.

    LanSchool Student for iOS features:

    Discover LanSchool Teacher Consoles
    The LanSchool logo on the Student display turns from gray to bright green when the Student detects and joins a LanSchool classroom. This is automated although the network channel can be set manually.

    Student Thumbnails Appear on Teacher Console
    While the student is running LanSchool Student the iPad display will appear on the LanSchool Teacher Console.

    Web Browsing
    The Teacher controls the sites the Student may browse to or may direct the Student to specific site.

    Full LanSchool Testing
    The iPad Student includes the full LanSchool testing features, including the ability to take tests of up to 100 questions of true/false, multiple choice, short answer, or essay.

    The Student can receive and reply to True/False, Multiple Choice or Verbal questions sent by the LanSchool Teacher.

    Send and Receive Messages
    The Student can interact with the Teacher Console by sending and receiving questions or messages.

    Show Teacher
    The LanSchool Teacher has the ability to send its screen to the Student for iOS so the Student may follow along.

    Distance Teaching
    The Student for IOS can connect to LanSchool classrooms in other physical locations through the cloud.

    The LanSchool iOS Student is a free app but it is only functional within a LanSchool Classroom Management controlled classroom.

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