Learn the fruits - Buddy’s ABA Apps

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    Buddy's ABA apps are designed to address a specific educational objective to help autistic children. This third 'Buddy app' helps young children to learn the fruits

    - the level progresses from 2 to 12 fruits
    - different vocal instructions widen the child’s vocabulary (show, touch, where is...)
    - the child’s success statistics (very useful for parents and professionals)
    - the Buddy animation acts as a reinforcer : children love it !
    - choice of game length and the moment the reinforcer appears, depending on the ability and concentration of the child)
    - a fun character and attractive graphics without too many distractions.

    The games have been developed with the help of psychologists, parents of special needs children and other professionals using the Applied Behavior Analysis method which uses reinforcers, very progressive levels, no audio parasites...

    Discover the full family of products by searching for Digital Playware or ABA apps. All games are created following a list of very strict rules that are specific to the needs of autistic children. The resulting features are what make our software different from regular learning games.

    Our Games are available in English, French and Spanish. We will listen to your suggestions.

    Please feel free to visit our website and contact us to help us improve existing games and create more wonderful applications.