Learn the Periodic Table of Elements! (Study Pro)

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    Ace your chemistry exam with the help of Study Pro: Periodic Table of Elements! Improve your knowledge of the elements of the periodic table with this valuable and beautifully designed study companion! View the full periodic chart, and tap on any element to view all of it's information, along with a beautiful image of the element. With all the various study modes and configurations, 'Study Pro: Periodic Table of Elements' can work with any learning style! Great for chemistry students, people who just want to brush up on their chemistry knowlege, or for quizzing family or friends on road trips!

    Study and quiz yourself on each element's characteristics, including:
    - Name
    - Symbol
    - Appearance
    - Atomic Number
    - Category
    - Atomic Weight
    - Electron Coniguration
    - Group
    - Period
    - Block
    - Phase

    Test yourself anywhere with three study modes:
    - Peek-A-View, which allows you to read the question then swipe up for the answer
    - Multiple Choice
    - Flash Card 'Review' Mode

    If you enjoy this edition of the Study Pro series, be sure to check out the other installments including Presidents, States, Countries and more!

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