A selection of 10 minute e-learning packages designed to provide an overview of teaching related subjects. The courses are suitable for clinicians teaching students, clinical educators working in the NHS or HE, and you may like to use some with the students themselves.

    The courses are broken down into categories and contain multiple choice tests, video examples and links to further reading to test and expand your knowledge.

    A summary of the courses included with this application (more will be added in future app updates).

    Small group teaching – guidance on methods for improving teaching with small groups, including issues to be aware of and tips on how to improve participation and engagement.

    Giving feedback – illustrates the principles and techniques for giving feedback as part of the School’s drive to improve the quality of feedback highlighted in the National Student Survey

    Integrating e-Learning in your teaching - e-Learning is a core component of the new curriculum at University of Leeds School of Medicine. As just one aspect of the teaching toolkit e-learning should be used to enhance the student experience not replace valuable student to teacher contact. In this course are tips on developing technology enhanced learning, what is it and where to start!

    Reflection for learning - suggests ways to use reflection with students and how it can be assessed. Introductory papers are also suggested for further reading.

    Effective bedside teaching – this module presents a simple and structured approach to teaching clinical diagnosis at the bedside by using case-presentations.

    The following set of lite bites will take you through the process of designing e-learning with usability in mind and testing e-learning for usability.
    E-learning usability
    Designing e-learning - Learner and context
    Designing e-learning - Technological aspects
    Designing e-learning - Content
    Testing for usability – Questionnaires and structured interviews
    Testing for usability  - Scenarios and thinking aloud