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    30 Million children love this app for learning Chinese.
    This app is used by kids with basic Chinese to learn Chinese characters.
    Even if you can’t follow along with the story, skip ahead to the vocabulary practice!
    There are tons of games to learn vocabulary, improve pronunciation and practice.

    Studying for just 10 minutes a day, kids can learn the basic Chinese characters in one month and will be reading them in no time.

    Using original stories from Magikid Circus’s adventures, learn Chinese characters and practice them with games.

    Expand your Chinese in the Magikid environment.

    The game is intended for Chinese speakers who are 3- 8 years old.

    The current release includes 93 days of lessons, teaching 558 characters in all.

    For parents

    1. After downloading Magikid Chinese, you have one day’s worth of lessons available(story+flashcards+game+song). To access more lessons, please do so in the in-app purchase section.
    2. Magikid Chinese version 4.6.4 offers 93 days of lessons.

    Take off in the Magikid Circus air balloon for a trip around the world.
    About 600 dynamic flashcards, practice pronunciation and reading.
    More than 5000 fun games to effectively study Chinese characters and learn to make phrases.
    93 songs with great melodies and music videos to make learning fun.

    Special Features
    Narrated reading – All stories are narrated with follow along reading for kids to learn by sight and sound.
    Professional narration – Narrated by professional voice actors for accurate pronunciation.
    Sing Along – Follow along with the lyrics as a star hops word to word in karaoke style.
    Progress Evaluation – Find the evaluation page to see your progress.
    Use the evaluation to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses so you know exactly where to focus your concentration.

    Magikid Chinese is not simply an app to learn Chinese characters, we believe childhood education should be comprehensive.

    In the Magikid Circus stories, our kids not only learn Chinese characters, but also geography, good manners, reasoning, having a good attitude and about respect. With Magikid Chinese, kids learn to love studying and themselves.

    With Magikid Chinese, kids learn to love studying and themselves.

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