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    Mental Maths from Maths Doctor will put your maths skills to the test!

    How good are you at maths?  The Maths Doctor Mental Maths app is the perfect test for anyone looking to improve their maths skills.

    Mental maths is an invaluable life skill and one that requires lots of practice. The Maths Doctor Mental Maths app is packed full of activities designed to help you practise and improve your skills in a fun and intuitive way. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming mental maths test at school or simply want to brush up on your skills, the Maths Doctor Mental Maths app is designed for you.

    How the app works:

    • First choose the maths topic you want to practise from a wide range of maths subjects.

    • You’ll be presented with a maths question such as “Calculate 8 + 3 x 6”.

    • You then work out the answer in your head.

    • There is no time limit.

    • Then simply swipe the screen to see the answer.

    • It doesn’t matter if you get an answer wrong. Just try again!

    You can easily keep track of your progress using the percentage tracker and then put your skills to the test once you’ve completed a topic.

    The Maths Doctor Mental Maths app allows you to practise a large number of valuable maths skills, including:

    • TIMES TABLES – Questions such as “Calculate 72 ÷ 8” and “Calculate 3 x 11” help you to practise your multiplication and division skills. You’ll quickly improve with practice.

    • PERCENTAGES – Are you confident at working out percentages? What is 75% of 200? Questions like these are used to test your skills when working with percentages.

    • FRACTIONS – Being able to convert fractions to decimals is an important skill. Can you work out what 9/10 is as a decimal?

    • DECIMALS – This app provides you with lots of opportunities to practice converting fractions into decimal form.

    • HIGHEST COMMON FACTOR – What is the highest common factor (HCF) of 30 and 24? Practising questions like this will really help improve your mental maths skills.

    • LOWEST COMMON MULTIPLE – What is the lowest common multiple (LCM) of 60 and 50? This app is packed full of questions like these and with practice, you’ll soon start to feel more confident in your mental maths abilities.

    • PROBABILITY – Probability is an important topic and has many applications outside the classroom. This app has plenty of questions to help you get to grips with probability and then let’s you put your skills to the test.

    • SHAPE PROPERTIES – Do you know the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle with sides a and b? What are the properties of a rhombus? Test your knowledge of shape properties in a fun and exciting way using this app.

    • STRAIGHT LINE EQUATIONS – In the straight line equations section of the Mental Maths app, you’ll be shown a range of straight line graphs and your task is to determine the equation of the line.

    The Maths Doctor Mental Maths app is the perfect way to test your mental maths knowledge!
    Developed for 10 to 16-year-olds, this app is suitable for both upper primary and secondary school students and contains activities to suit all difficulty levels. Whether you’re struggling with percentages or equations, or simply want to test your skills with decimals or probabilities, this app is perfect for you.

    The Maths Doctor Mental Maths app is easy to use, elegant and effective. Download and start improving your mental maths skills now.

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