Measurement Tools - 2470




    How long are the books we read? How hot is it today? How tall are you now? How can a child tell these?

    This app by Baby2470 lets children know the difference between different kinds of measurements and the tools to measure them.

    ▶ Our educational philosophy:
    - “Learn through play”: Playing game is the nature of children, is the best way of preschool education.
    - “Seamless”: immersion education, refused to preach.
    - “Thinker”: let the children become independent judgment thinkers, lifelong learners.
    - “Investigator”: curiosity is very precious, curiosity can promote human progress.
    - “Creator”: This is a new world; children are the future of the world.

    ▶ About " Baby2470 ":
    - 2470=280+365x6
    - 280 days = Pregnancy
    - 365 days x 6years = Preschool age
    - A total of 2470 days.

    Every day of the 2470 days, for the baby's life, is important.

    We built an intelligent database for childcare.
    We built a portable dictionary of early childhood education.
    We built a parenting and education platform.

    We are the collector of the parental information and early childhood education knowledge;
    Parents are the executants of this information and knowledge;
    We hope the children, are the beneficiaries.

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